| $50/Week | Expired:30-12-2018
Expires: 31-12-2025
Position 1 - $80/Week

Expires: 31-12-2025
Position 2 - $75/Week

Expires: 31-12-2030
Position 3 - $70/Week

Expires: 31-12-2025
Position 4 - $65/Week

Expires: 31-12-2019
Position 5 - $60/Week

Expires: 31-12-2019
Position 6 - $55/Week

Expires: 31-12-2019
Position 7 - $50/Week

Expires: 31-12-2020
Position 8 - $45/Week

Expires: 31-12-2025
Position 9 - $40/Week

Expires: 31-12-2019
Position 10 - $35/Week

Expires: 31-12-2019
Position 11 - $30/Week

Expires: 31-12-2019
Position 12 - $25/Week

Expires: 30-12-2019
Position 13 - $20/Week

Expires: 31-12-2019
Position 14 - $15/Week

Expires: 31-12-2018
Position 15 - $10/Week

Expires: 31-12-2019
Position 16 - $5/Week

Expires: 31-12-2017
Position 17 - $0/Week

Expires: 31-12-2019
Position 18 - $-5/Week

Expires: 30-4-2017
Position 19 - $-10/Week

Expires: 30-11-2025
Position 20 - $-15/Week

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Added: Apr 27th, 2017
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Plans: 6%hourly for 22h7%hourly for 22 h8% hourly for 22 h

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Last Paid:Apr-28,2017
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Min Deposit: $$5.00
Max Deposit: $$10000.00
Referral: 9.5%%
Withdrawal: Manual

Investment: $5.00 Payout: 132% User Rating: 10.0 (9 votes) Listed: 451 days

 Program Description 
EARN ASSURED LIMITED is modern British company that is successfully involved in profitable trading on Forex and cryptocurrency exchange. We use many effective trading instruments: Bitcoin, Ethereum, various currency pairs, commodities and precious metals. Compliance with own rules of risk-free trading helps us to avoid financial loses and increase trade capital. Experienced traders and professional market analysts with the deepest knowledge of fundamental analysis for the most probable forecast of the market only manage financial assets of EARN ASSURED LIMITED . Since March 2017, EARN ASSURED LIMITED Limited has unique proposal of cooperation for the improvement of own trading system that allows us to generate a steady income for a long enough period. Our trade is a low risk that guarantees the safety of financial assets entrusted to us. We offer broad opportunities for our investors. However, your income depends not only on the results of our trade activities. Depending on your deposit amount will be changed not only the rate of your daily profit, but will also be determined minimum term of your investment period. When trade team of EARN ASSURED LIMITED has taken a decision about entering the international investment market, we have analyzed the most similar offers to collect all the necessary requirements of investors from around the world as possible to meet them. That's why we propose the best conditions for long-term cooperation and stable profit for years. EARN ASSURED LIMITED offers a quite simple and intuitive scheme for the placement of funds under the program of trust management